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Northwest Dental Centers uses cutting edge technology to diagnose and treat our patients. Instead of traditional x-rays we use a state-of-the-art CBCT to capture 3D images of your teeth and bones. With only a fraction of the radiation required for traditional x-rays, these images provide stunningly accurate models of your teeth and bones allowing us to precisely plan your treatment.


3D Scanning

We use 3D scanning to create your custom oral appliance. Our 3D scanner uses a laser to image your mouth for a precise measurement and fit of your device. 3D scans are about 10 times more accurate than the old technique of using rubber impressions which can distort or change in different temperatures. After scanning, you can expect to wait about two weeks for your device to be ready. At the next appointment, Dr. Johnson will check the fit of your device and explain how to use and care for it.
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3 Steps to Snoring Relief

Step #1

Make A 30 Minute Consultation Appointment

Step #2

Make An Appointment To Begin Treatment

Step #3

Follow Treatment Steps To Stop Snoring And Get Rested
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