Snoring & Sleep Apnea Treatment

  • First Appointment: Consultation (about 30 min)

    Fill out forms and your particular situation and its treatment are discussed.

  • Second Appointment: Starting Treatment (about 60 min)

    • We will evaluate your teeth to make sure they are stable enough for an oral device
    • Next, we will use our ECCOVISION to check out your nasal passages and your airway
    • Next, impressions will be taken of your teeth.

  • Third Appointment: Fitting Your Device (about 30 min)

    • We will check the device for fit, comfort, and stability.
    • A morning repositioner will be fabricated for you.
    • You will be instructed on the use and care of the device.

  • Additional Appointments: 
Device Adjustment & Evaluation of Progress (about 30 min)

    • We will make sure that your device is fitting properly and feels comfortable.
    • We will begin to advance the device toward its final position.
    • You will be rescheduled for two or more additional adjustment appointments.
    • A home sleep test will be done to determine the effectiveness of the device. We will evaluate the results of your test to determine if you require more adjustments.

  • Follow Up Appointments

    Additional appointments to evaluate the efficiency of your oral device are conducted annually

3 Steps to Snoring Relief

Step #1

Make A 30 Minute Consultation Appointment

Step #2

Make An Appointment To Begin Treatment

Step #3

Follow Treatment Steps To Stop Snoring And Get Rested
Snoring Relief