Snoring Treatment in Coeur d’Alene, ID

About 50% of adults snore and more than 25% are habitual snorers.

Dentist and sleep specialist Donald Johnson, DDS, founded the Northwest Snoring Center in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, with a mission to help people improve their quality of life through effective and comfortable snoring treatments. To find out how you can stop snoring, call now or schedule your consultation online.
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Snoring Q&A

Oral devices advance the lower jaw during sleep.

Oral devices used by Dr. Donald Johnson are FDA approved. They are recommended by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. Oral devices do not need electric power and work great for camping, hunting, or traveling. The oral device is easy to clean with a toothbrush.
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Oral Device
Herbst Oral Device

3 Steps to Snoring Relief

Step #1

Make A 30 Minute Consultation Appointment

Step #2

Make An Appointment To Begin Treatment

Step #3

Follow Treatment Steps To Stop Snoring And Get Rested
Snoring Relief