Hurt Your Relationship – Snore!

Want to attract a Valentine’s Day sweetheart?  Don’t snore!  Over 25% in the USA said that they are annoyed or angry at a bed partner that snores.  This is from a survey done by the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine.  The study showed that 20% said that a partner who snores could/would drive them to sleep elsewhere.  So, Americans, both men and women, who snore could have their special night interrupted by the “chainsaw” buzzing.  This may put their relationship at risk.  40% of women in the US say that a snoring bed partner is a big turn-off.  Almost 10% of Americans say snoring hurt at least one romantic relationship.

Moreover, snoring isn’t limited to older folks only.  Generation X’ers (35-44) reported the most snoring problems.  43%–“the snoring partner steals my sleep.”  35%–“it ticks me off.”  24%–“I want to or do go to a separate room to sleep because of the snoring.”  Snoring, the “elephant (buzzsaw) in the room,” needs to be addressed for both relationship and health concerns.  It’s important that people are made aware of the snoring and its effects on relationships and personal health.  Then they can take the necessary steps to get it treated.

45% of USA women worry about their bed partner’s health if they snore.  Snoring is a major symptom of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) which is potentially a life-threatening situation.  OSA patients stop breathing during sleep sometimes for more that a minute.  And this can happen 10, 20, or over 3 times every hour of sleep.  Untreated OSA increases the risk of health problems—congestive heart failure, high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, depression impotence, etc.

Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) is a treatment but it is not the only option.  Many are amazed to find out that a “qualified” dentist—not just any dentist—can treat OSA with a custom oral device.  It is effective, less cumbersome, and more discreet for both the one who snores and the partner.  An oral device is a “sexier” option that a Darth Vader-like CPAP mask.

Our office has treated so many who say that an oral device saved their marriage/relationship.  It gives the snorer increased energy, better health, and the ability to stay in bed with their sweetheart at night.