One Patient’s Story—SNORING—Part 2

This week we will see what Dr. Joe had to say—After the patient told the doctor about all his failed attempts to stop the “chainsaw” snoring.  He suggested that I see a qualified dentist and have an oral device made.  They move your lower jaw forward and pull your tongue off of the back of your throat.  It’s the tongue that closes the airway.

The device is called a mandibular advancement device (MAD) and has been around for decades.  It’s just that most patients do not know that the MAD is the comfortable alternative to CPAP and in most cases will stop the snoring.

The patient is now happily sleeping all night without the snoring and fear of divorce.

Remember, snoring/OSA are treatable.  Make an appointment for a free consultation to discuss your questions and see the treatment options that are available as well as how you can find out if your snoring is an indication that you have OSA.  Call our office at 208-667-4551.