Sleep Apnea Blamed for 2 Train Crashes

The National Transportation Safety Board’s investigators attribute the train accident at the Hoboken Terminal in New Jersey and the train accident at the Atlantic Terminal in Brooklyn, New York to untreated, undiagnosed sleep apnea.  The engineers fell asleep at the wheel; the crashes killed one person, injured over 200, and caused millions of dollars of damage.

Sleep apnea is a condition in which sleep is repeatedly disrupted during the night.  The main symptoms are snoring and daytime sleepiness.  This caused the engineers to fall asleep as they arrived at the stations.  The engineers said they could not remember what happened just before the crashes.

Some people believe all train engineers, truck drivers, airline pilots, and bus drivers should be screened, tested, and treated if they have sleep apnea before they can get a license.  Some even believe that anyone who gets a permit to operate any equipment should be tested regularly.  After all, everyone takes an eye test every time they renew their driver’s license.  The public deserves to have alert operators in all areas.

Testing of sleep apnea is easy with an overnight sleep test in your own home.  And treatment is a must for anyone diagnosed with sleep apnea since it can kill you.  If you snore, stop breathing at night, or have daytime tiredness, get tested and treated.  Don’t be like the above 2 train engineers and cause injury or even death to someone.

Also, the cost of the treatment for sleep apnea is often partially covered by your medical insurance plan as well as by MEDICARE.

Remember, snoring/OSA are treatable.  And they MUST be treated to prolong your life.  Make an appointment for a free consultation to discuss your questions and see the different treatment options that are available.  Call our office at 208-667-4551.